The Vision

A Tech Mahindra Foundation (TMF) initiative to realise personal independence, economic self reliance and social inclusion for people with Vision Impairment (VI) in India.

This project will, over the next 1 and half years emerge with a holistic approach for nationwide impact for an inclusive, productive and participative society for the VI. This will involve collaboration and extending/sharing/using of the present expertise of our VI NGO partners, work to fill the identified gaps in the VI domain and evolve practical, meaningful solutions for the same. Project VFI will gradually evolve as a Resource Centre with a collection of several supported programmes well connected with each other and linking these projects appropriately for larger good of the VI community.

Broad Issues that will be addressed by this Forum: THE FIVE VERTICALS: (i) Education - Championing and facilitating inclusive quality education at primary and secondary level; (ii) Awareness- Attitudinal gap and Information gap; (iii) Advocacy; (iv) Technology – Assistive; (v) Economic Independence – enhancing employability.

Gap areas within each Vertical have been identified. These would form the 5-7 year goals of Project VFI. Partners are encouraged to submit innovative proposals targeting the gaps identified within these 5 verticals of VFI. These can be: (i) Their individual projects like before; (ii) Joint/collaborative projects; (iii) Projects on concepts/ideas that need to be implemented as per the current/prevailing needs in the community. For example, under the Education Vertical, Math and Science for VI school children is identified as a gap area. A collaborative project has been submitted - To make math and science material accessible.

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